To increase its visibility and approaching new audience, Node has arranged two different series of meetings. The first one is named Testimonianze and deals with new music business and publishing models. The second one is named Raccontinsuoni and focuses on the history of music, which is narrated by musicologists and renowned scholars.

Node alsorealized #Leggomusica, a thematic and interactive library freely accessible to all users in Bari, the city which is settled in. #Leggomusica started with a MusicRaiser crowdfunding campaign and went on with the media support of influent international enthusiast like Ashley Kahn and famous Italian singers and djs.

Simultaneously Node manages different kind of events (more than 100 events to date) on account of different customers and stakeholders like Medimex, Primo Maggio di Taranto and L’acqua in Testa festival.

The most important one is called “Pop up the Sunday” and was conceived by Node and Discipline Records on the Elita’s Sunday Park of Milano and consists in a Sunday event hosting dj sets, live music bands, workshops, fashion temporary stores and conferences.