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Featuring jazz, blues and nu-soul nuances, Boom Collective is one of the most original and explosive projects on the Italian jazz scene. Since 2018, the collective has seen the creative contribution of over 10 Apulian musicians, including Carolina Bubbico, Giuseppe Bassi and Luca Alemanno, who contributed to the debut album Boom Collective (Auand, 2019). Facing the pandemic with tenacity, the collective returned with a new album entitled Leave & Meet (Auand, 2021), which sees the special participation of the American vocalist Joanna Teters.

Led by Gaetano Partipilo (sax, electronics), the live band is composed by Angela Esmeralda (vocals), Francesco Schepisi (piano), Gianluca Aceto (bass) and Dario Congedo (drums).

Gaetano Partipilo and Boom Collective – Dark Matter – YouTube


Born in Bari in 1962, Dario Skèpisi is one of the most original songwriters and musicians on the Apulian music scene. Graduated in Political Science with a thesis in Sociology of Music, Skèpisi has always been fascinated by the musicality and phonetics of the Bari dialect and Brazilian culture. Thus he has the intuition of combining unpublished texts written in the dialect of his city with Bossanova harmonies and warm Carioca sounds.

In his activity of bringing the Apulian musical culture closer to the Brazilian one, in fact, Skèpisi has had the opportunity to collaborate with extraordinary talents such as Jim Porto, Roberto Bastos, José Ferreira and Sergio Pereira and has been awarded the “Connection Italy Brazil” award by WebMusic Italian Fest, earning an invitation to the Teatro Municipal Cagé Pequeno in Rio de Janeiro for the “Trofèu Arte em Movimento” award ceremony. This experimentation materializes first in the album “Musicanima” (Helikonia / Egea, 2010) and then in the second album “Paradoxamente” (Papa Musìque / Believe Digital, 2021).


The Italian duo Daniele Aprile & Mario Roberti have been at the cutting-edge of techno music blending the melodic and epic to create mature, contemporary sounds which have electrified and energized dance floors and festivals the world over.

Drawing on their lifelong influences, the duo’s music has grabbed the attention of some of the biggest names in the melodic house and techno dance genre.

fideles live – Cerca con Google


Ph Alessio Gernone

Vito Fascina, aka Keevuitton, is a rapper with soul and R&B influences, with a refined pen capable of ranging from European and metropolitan scenarios to naturalistic and sensorial contexts. Keevuitton has recently released Carousel, an EP in which various personal moments traversed by the artist follow one another, outlined like snapshots in music.


Art, Sensibility, and Elegance, these are just some of the many adjectives that can represent Gaia Daria Miolla, aka GEA. Born in 2000, she has been playing drums for 12 years, writes and produces her own songs, and is a singer-songwriter who plays multiple instruments. Inspired by the reek religion and mythology, she embodies within herself all those elements of a vision that goes “beyond”, capable of amazing with sounds ranging from soul, jazz, electronica, blues, pop, and Eastern music. She sings in three different languages (Italian, French, and English) and is a living fairy tale, a photographer, and a girl submerged since childhood by books, dance, paintings, and art in 360 degrees. The result of all this? A force of nature that has made live performances her own flagship, including songs from her repertoire, mashups of past singles, and an alternation of energetic, intimate, and instrumental moments.


Kyotolp is the solo music project by Roberta Russo, singer-songwriter, drummer, producer and performer born in 1996.  Grown up between Monza and Bari, where she lives, Roberta starts composing from an early age and takes her first steps as a drummer. In 2022 she joins the Italian-Danish electronic music collective “Telavivi Records”. Selected by the regional bureau of music, Puglia Sounds, she has done more than 50 gigs around Europe. Her commitment to social change is deep, as she was chosen among the 8 finalists of “Music for Change” organized by “Musica contro le Mafie” and won the tenth edition of the Dubito Prize (Italy’s most important poetry and music competition). He is currently working on the music for an experimental play of Antigone (a one-act play by Jean Anouilh inspired by Sophocles’ tragedy), that is already booked for touring in Italy, Greece and other European countries.