Node’s history carved a path also in the field of events productions, with partnerships with important local venues like L’Acqua in Testa Festival, Sparks Festival, Bleep Mode Festival, Medimex (2015, 2017 e 2018), “La casa delle arti” in Conversano, “Primo Maggio” in Taranto (2015) and Laboratorio Urbano Officina degli Esordi in Bari.

The crown jewel of the association is “Pop up the Sunday“. Created in partnership with Discipline, it draws inspiration from famous street markets like Spitalfield and Portobello market in London, Rastro in Madrid and Elita Sunday Market in Milan and is the most vivid embodiment of Node’s value of cultural cosmopolitanism. This temporary store dedicated to shopping, workshops and conferences is the ideal exhibit venue for djs, fashion and home designers, artisans and collectors willing to jazz up the most indolent stretch of the week – Sunday afternoon.